Through a scanner smartly*

A num­ber of the books I have pub­lished are new edi­tions of mater­i­al from years ago for which the text has had to be scanned, and the scan­ning errors cor­rec­ted, before final edit­ing and type­set­ting could take place. I’m able to scan books in a non-destruct­ive man­ner; that is, they remain intact and don’t need to be opened much bey­ond a right-angle to scan each page, so there’s no dam­age to their bind­ings. I’ve put some 15,000 pages through this pro­cess so far and I’ve become quite speedy at it, though it’s not some­thing I’d want to do all the time. Let me know if it could help you.

* With apo­lo­gies to Philip K Dick