The last great explorer

H W Tilman was a sol­dier dec­or­ated in both World Wars, a renowned moun­tain­eer between the wars, and in later life an accom­plished sail­or to some of the world’s least hos­pit­able regions. His many climb­ing and sail­ing books had been unavail­able in their com­plete form for many years until I instig­ated a new Col­lec­ted Edi­tion, whose six­teen volumes (includ­ing his bio­graphy) were pub­lished in 2015/16 as a joint ven­ture between my naut­ic­al imprint Lode­star Books and the climb­ing spe­cial­ists Ver­teb­rate Publishing.

New fore­words and after­words by some of the world’s most exper­i­enced climbers and sail­ors provided fresh apprais­al of, and shed new light upon, a some­times mis­un­der­stood man. This pro­ject involved obtain­ing all Tilman’s first edi­tions, scan­ning, cor­rect­ing and edit­ing their text, pro­cessing their hun­dreds of pho­to­graphs and maps, and type­set­ting the entire col­lec­tion in a man­ner sym­path­et­ic to the author’s eru­di­tion, under­stated style and dry wit. The Bask­erville typeface, in a ver­sion from Storm Type Foundry in Prague, had just the clas­sic­al, time­less look we wanted. Click below to read a few pages of Mis­chief in Patago­nia.