An eye for detail is essen­tial, but alone not enough: the knock-on effect of proof cor­rec­tions can be expens­ive, so they had bet­ter be neces­sary, not just nice to have. I respect this require­ment and, as a type­set­ter myself, can sug­gest ways to min­im­ise the dis­rup­tion in repair­ing an error.

Some­times, par­tic­u­larly with short­er mater­i­al, what’s needed is a single-pass exam­in­a­tion of both the con­tent and its present­a­tion; I’m happy to per­form a ‘proof-edit’ if this is what you need.

Tech­nic­al: I nor­mally annot­ate PDFs using Adobe Acrobat, but can accom­mod­ate other markup requirements.