Mak­ing text (the ‘copy’) as good as it can be is at the heart of what I do. I have an eye, a nose even, for ambi­gu­ity, incon­sist­ency, unfor­tu­nate gram­mar, vague punc­tu­ation, improv­able sen­tence or para­graph struc­ture, indeed all the things which can get in the way of your mes­sage to the reader.

You may need a light ‘tech­nic­al edit’ of an almost print-ready text; or per­haps the work is at an earli­er stage and would bene­fit from atten­tion to its struc­ture and style at the sen­tence and para­graph level; in either case I can help.

Tech­nic­al: I use Microsoft Word (the latest ver­sion, com­pat­ible with older files) with tracked changes.